Subz N Stuff Gourmet Deli

Grinders, hoagies, heroes and subs; no matter what your part of the country might call it, these delectable names can only mean one thing to everyone; sandwiches. The original food to go option comes with a delectable selection of meats, cheese, veggies, and sauces all stuffed between two large pieces of bread of your choice. While Texas may not be known as the quintessential home for anything beyond Tex-Mex, chili, and BBQ, the self-proclaimed state motto that “everything is bigger in Texas” makes finding a tasty colossus sized sub an accomplishable task. Enter Subz N Stuff, a venerable Irving, Texas institution that serves up tasty subs at Texas sized portions. Owned and operated by Jami—a middle aged burly man who is rocking the long salt and pepper beard—this sub shop provides local clientele with a wide variety of “zabihah” meats and an eclectic array of sauces which sample tastes from around the world.
Upon walking into Subz N Stuff, I approached the counter and was drawn to a sandwich called “The Maverick”. With an ingredient list more than 10 items long, this New York appetite was ready to take on the challenge of a sandwich that proclaims that you need to “bring your appetite and some extra time”! As a note, you have to ask for “Zabihah” upon ordering and there is a $1-$2 surcharge depending on the size of your sandwich. As I headed to my table to wait for my food, my curiosity led me to check our Jami’s collection of custom made original hot sauces. Available in store both free of charge to supplement your sandwich and bottled up for take away purchases, the range of flavors from Chipotle Horseradish to Crushed Red Pepper and Garlic and even Thai BBQ ensure that everyone in your party will find something they will like if they need a little bit of funky heat.
With my mouth tingling from the parade of sauces that I just sampled, Jami personally brought over my Maverick to the table and I was ready to chow down. Upon first inspection, I needed to make sure that no one put any steroids into this thing since even for me it was massive. Loaded up with lettuce, tomato, onion, Provolone, Swiss, American cheese, turkey-ham, pastrami, turkey, two types of salami, pepper jack, pepperoni, & roast beef all between two loaves of French bread, I needed a plan of attack in order to get everything in one bite. Though it took a bit of aerobic and mouth gymnastics, I was able to fit everything in for one big bite that took a good couple of minutes to get down the hatch. Altogether, the sandwich is exactly what you think it would be; meaty and cheesy with enough veggies on top to let you believe the lie that what you are eating is healthy for you. Even for a guy like me, this sandwich was too much to handle in one sitting and for only $12 (including the price of zabihah meat), this sandwich easily provided me with lunch, a snack, and a bit of dinner.
So just in case you find yourself strolling through the Lone Star State and in need of your Sammy fix, be sure to stop on by to Subz N Stuff who will be able to provide with 1.5-2 regular meals all for the price of one sandwich.

220 West Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, TX 75039
Phone: (972) 401-0720

Sameer Sarmast