Bonsai Fusion Japanese Steakhouse

Spending time in Texas as a foodie there are a few things you need to try to ensure that you had the best taste of the state. BBQ Brisket, Texas Toast, and almost anything fried comes to mind. Yet when a halal foodie like myself stumbles upon halal hibachi, you know you got to trade in a portion of Texas BBQ for that Asian style grill.
To my knowledge, Bonsai Fusion Japanese Steakhouse in Houston, Texas is the only certified halal hibachi restaurant in the state and one of only a handful around the country. Though halal Asian and traditional Japanese might be common site nowadays, being able to partake in the teppanyaki spectacle of Benihana is a unique treat I could not pass up.
Like most hibachi establishments, Bonsai Fusion is split into a main dining room, and a back hibachi room. In the main dining room, diners have their choice of a veritable assortment of Japanese treats ranging from sushi rolls, hot and cold appetizers, and a variety of cooked proteins from the back kitchen. Yet for those of you looking for dinner theatre at its finest, then you will be led into the back hibachi room to await the culinary arts that are to come.
Upon being led to my hibachi table, I was seated with another couple of folks—the hibachi dinner only starts when a certain amount of people are seated at each station—and presented with my menu. In addition to serving the typical assortment of chicken, steak and shrimp, Bonsai Fusion offers diners extra seafood options including scallops, lobster, and squid, premium cuts of beef, and combinations to taste both the best of land and sea. Almost immediately, my eyes were drawn to the Kobe Steak Chef’s Special which cost only $32 for 7 ounces of Kobe style delectable meat.
After placing my order, our hibachi chef entered into the cooking arena and began to dazzle us all with all sorts of cool little tricks from knife cutting shows, to flipping vegetables into diner’s mouths, to creating a flaming volcano out of raw onions. Yet the purpose of each little cooking scene had a practical impact on our courses. In addition to my Kobe steak, all hibachi entrees are given onion soup, house salad, grilled veggies and steamed rice which are integrated into the cooking show and timed just right so you that you always will have food in front of you throughout the cooking experience. Additionally, you can upgrade your side dished to a shrimp or chicken fried rice for a few extra dollars which in my opinions is well worth the spare change.
Though all of the appetizers tasted great and tamed my hunger pains, my review of Bonsai would hinge on the Kobe style steak that was about to come. After cooking everyone’s proteins to just the right doneness, the chef scooped my Kobe steak onto my plate and departed for the evening. Biting into the steak was everything you could have hoped from Kobe styled meat, so buttery and tender that it melted in mouth almost as fast as M&Ms.
While Bonsai is a tad expensive—especially for someplace outside of New York— the unique hibachi experience and consistency of the food makes it a worthwhile dinner from a party of one to a whole family. Now, if only I had an investor or two that can help bring one of these babies with me to the city....

8482 Highway 6
Houston, TX 77095
Phone:(281) 856-0075

Sameer Sarmast