Clayton’s Organic Beef is Certified Halal

Mar 4th

Clayton's Organic BeefA recent email exchange between a friend and a Foodcomm representative confirms that Clayton’s Organic Beef and other Foodcomm products available in ShopRite and PriceRite stores around the country are 100% certified halal.

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Good morning [Name removed],

All Australian Meat, beef, lamb and goat, sold at the ShopRite and PriceRite stores are certified 100% halal. We are working on new labeling and point of sale material that will “call out” the halal attribute.

Thank you,

Paul Pardini

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I wanted to confirm if the Claytons Organic Beef sold in ShopRite was halal since it comes from Australia? If this is correct, can you please elaborate why it is not stamped as such (something to do with costs or marketing). I just wanted to confirm myself.

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